The Children's Magic show is tailored to your age group and time requirements. Most children's Magic shows average about 45 minutes. It is just the right amount of time for me to deliver a Fun, Entertaining Magic show with live animals (Bunny-Bird-Goldfish) and still keep the kid's attention. Children have a lot of energy and I like to use that energy during my show-They get to hoot and have fun and be a part of the show and burn a little excess energy. Group activities during the show brings out squeals of joy from all the kids. Yes, there is a lot of awesome magic (about 25 different effects) that will even entertain the adults at the party. At the end of the show I like to reward the kids with a candy toss. The children actually make the candy appear with a little help from Sir Lantz, of course. With over 3000 children's performances over the last 20 years Sir Lantz is sure to deliver a Magic Show that will entertain, educate and inspire Kid's of all ages! I like to bring up two or three children to assist me during the performance, if it is a birthday party --the Birthday boy or girl will be my Assistant and the Star of THE Show!




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